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I'll teach you how to become a professional niche-photographer who earns his/her money by transforming high quality macro photos of the human iris into
amazing and unique artworks.

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  • You want to learn iris-photography?
  • You wonder which equipment you need?
  • You want to create stunning artworks for your customers?
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You want to know more about iris-photography in general and find out what equipment it takes to create these stunning artworks for your customers?!

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This Free Course will show you exactly what Materials / which Equipment I use to take the iris pictures and why I use those specific tools. So don't wait on, start your journey towards your own iris-photography business and get Your Freebie Now!


Who wouldn’t want to know how their iris looks like?!

What is iris-photography?

You photograph the human eye and transform the part of the iris into a unique piece of art. It brings together FineArt, Macro and Commercial photography. It allows you to have an artistic approach, paying customers with real customer interaction and a great business with upselling possibilities. What I sell to my customers:

  • creating the artworks —> taking the pictures and creating the digital artworks
  • selling physical products like wall pictures
  • gift vouchers
  • wedding cards
  • Iris-photography as event-photography

Who wants these kind of artworks?

90% of my customers are couples. The two individual iris pictures converted into the clash (two irises colliding) become a very strong symbol of love, unity and „worlds coming together“, that almost none of the couples want to miss. It’s a perfect gift that’s not only something different but that’s very personal, symbolic and unique! But also families love that alternative family portrait or children are looking for that special gift for their parents.

What iris-photography can be for you?

Are you looking for an artistic photography niche in which you actually earn money?
Would you like to be your local pro in a special photography niche?
Are you having trouble because the current pandemic is destroying your event business?
Do you love macro photography but have no idea how to create a business around it?
Are you simply amazed by what can be discovered here and you want to have this profession too? …there could be thousands of reasons why you could start your own iris-photography business. But to be honest, the best reason is… because you’ll love the interaction and reactions with your customers. 

+ iris-photography is gaining popularity fast!
+ minimal investment, great outcome
+ learn high quality techniques with high selling prices

In The Course

After purchase, you’ll immediately have access to the entire course and all downloads! This is an online video course that's available 24/7. Take the course at your pace and whenever it works best for you.



  • 12 Core Modules with short / easily digestible Videos (3,5h in total), showing you the path to great artworks and giving you insights into my Business

  • Bonus Videos that help you solve tricky situations during the shoot / in post production that give you valuable infos on topic related themes

  • Complete Gear Recommendation List for materials, their prices and where to get that stuff

  • Photoshop Files & Actions to speed up your post production process

  • Questions & Answers Section to solve what still needs solving after the course

  • +++ and more!


After The Course

After the course you will hopefully earn a part time or full time living from your iris-photography! It is not an easy journey, but with my online course you can streamline your process and get a head start to your competitors.


After this course YOU WILL KNOW:

  • How to setup your own iris-photography studio
  • What gear you need in order to photograph an iris professionaly
  • What is important in order to get sharp and esthetic iris pictures and artworks
  • All the tricks to overcome those frustrating problems you were not able to solve until now
  • The secret to creating meaningful and strong digital artworks in form of "the Clash" or the "Fusion".
  • How my business and workflow is setup, which will hopefully inspire yours



Find out why you should learn how to take professional iris pictures and what you need in order to do so!

Learn more!

Your Teacher: Elias

Nature photographer, especially interested in macro and detail photography, positive and generally optimistic person, garden-fanatic and soon to be father.

As a multimedia Designer I can look back on to 13 years of experience in web- & graphic design, videoproduction and photography. I've traveled the world and while doing so produced a handful of short magazines, about a dozen of commercial ads for hostels, restaurants and travel agencies.

The last two years of my life I have dedicated to exploring the human iris from up close and developing my own proven method of creating high quality iris pictures.

I now live to a 100% from my iris-photography business.