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An Online video course that guides you to becoming locally unrivaled with a photography business that miraculously combines fine art, client work & macro photography in a strong growing niche.

A booming photography niche in 2024 that AI can't take over!

The most difficult part about iris photography is taking great images from the individual. Learn about the critical things when wanting to take high quality iris photographs and transforming them into unique pieces of art.

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A course by Elias from

Hi, I'm Elias, the face behind and was the first professional iris photographer in switzerland. 

Nature photographer, especially interested in macro and detail photography, positive and generally optimistic person, garden-fanatic and father of a one year old.

As a multimedia Designer I can look back on to 15 years of experience in web- & graphic design, videoproduction and photography. I've traveled the world and while doing so produced a handful of short magazines, about a dozen of commercial ads for hostels, restaurants and travel agencies.

The last four years of my life I have dedicated to exploring the human iris from up close and developing my own proven method of creating high quality iris pictures.

I live to a 100% from my iris-photography business.