PWYC: "Pay What You Can"

I will be honest. Of course I want to create an income with this course and believe me it was a lot of work to create it! But at the same time I want everybody to be able to give iris photography a try. That's why I decided to start this "Pay what you can program". But since there is nothing for free in this world, there are a few things I need you to do before being able to profit from this option. Read on below to find out what they are.

Learn about the business

Get to know the basics of iris photography first. Surely after the 28 days you will know if this is something for you.

See where it takes you

Perfect for Beginners and people who just want to find out more without paying the full course.

Get to know me first

Find out if my teaching style is what you are looking for and if you want to continue this journey.


In order to profit from this option you have to subscribe to my email sequence. There will be 8 mails over the next 28 days in which I want to give you insights into iris photography as a craft, a digital work and as a business in general. In each email there will be a "magic link" somewhere hidden in the text, which you will have to click, so I know that you have actually read the text.

If you don't click all of the magic links in the 8 mails you will not get access to the "Pay what you can" Option in the end.

  • Get¬†8 Mails over 28 days

  • Click the¬†"magic¬†links"

  • Pay what you can

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